Summary of the events on Cserehat up to October 2nd, 1997.
Cyrill Burgel, the president of the donor association called Basel Hilft and Aristide Roibu, the managing director of ARIS INDUSTRIE stock company from Bucharest are business partners in the joint stock company, called OMEGA PRODINVEST, which after a while undertook to finance investments for Cserehat.
The applications for construction approvals were written on behalf of Szent Miklos Association. But, as it turned out, the headboard of the association knew nothing about this.
The authorization for construction on behalf of the joint stock company called ARIS INDUSTRIE, was initiated by Gavrila Ion who is identical with the person who started the authorizing process on behalf of the Szent Miklos Association without being empowered.
Decision nr 3, in which the Town Council decides to rent the area out for building a special school on Cserehat for disabled children.
The allotment contract in which the local government states the renting out its area for 99 years in order to build a special school.
In the donation contract ARIS INDUSTRIE, the main contractor, donates the real estate of Cserehat to the Immaculate Heart Congregation.
The local government decides to interrupt construction works.
Penal statements recording the contraventions of the two building companies -ARIS INDUSTRIE and ASCO.
The judiciar order interrupting construction works on Cserehat.
Supreme decision of Vacaroiu nr 1346 , which rules that the area of the town is to be rented out to the Greek Catholic Archbishopric. In the same place you can find the supreme decision of Ciorbea, invalidating Vacaroiu's deceision.
The absolute judgement ruled by the Court of Appeal from Targu Mures, in which they invalidate the decision passed by the Law Court from Odorehiu Secuiesc upon interrupting constructions. In the same place you can find the executive minutes of December 9th, which proves the fulfilllment of the judgement.
In its decision made on 4th December 1997, the local government agrees with and approves the measurements yet taken by the mayor, vice mayor and town clerk. This was needed to be done because they were troubled by the police.
Intentional declaration, signed on 15th of December 1997 by the local government, Szasz Jeno - mayor, Aristide Roibu - the manager of ARIS INDUSTRIE, the representants of the Immaculate Heart Congragation, and by the organizers of the round table discussions: the Helsinki Committee of Romania and the Pro Europe League. An agreement was taken upon having another round table in 90 days.
Report: the report of the Minority Ministry's referent on the round table dated 15th December 1997
The Cserehat activity planning of the local government in Odorheiu Secuiesc (January 2, 1998)
Brief backgroun information for those, who encounter this case for the first time (Odorheiu Secuiesc, January 2nd, 1998.)

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