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Dear President Constantinescu ,
Your being elected as the President of Romania was welcome news in the
United States. Your forming a coalition government with the party  
representing the Hungarian minority in Romania was a long awaited gesture
of reconciliation, which held the promise of better days to come.
Yet, we all knew, that the election of one man, does not overnight change
a climate, where nationalistic demagouges used to make political stock
from spreading anti-Hungarian hate. The new climate of European tolerance
and respect for the cultural autonomy of the minorities is a fragile one
and we all knew that the forces of nationalism are going to attack it.  
Now, such an attack has occured in Odorheiu Secuiesc.There, the building
intended for 263 disadvantaged Hungarian children has been confiscated.
This stealing of city property occured with the flagrant disregard for all
democratic processes, the mayor (Jeno Szasz) and the rulings of the City
Council have both been disregarded and outside security forces were used
(by Remus Opris) to accomplish the illegal occupation of the building.
This is an obvious case of provocation, where this certain Remus Opris is
testing the will of the government on protecting minority rights.
I ask you, Mr. President, to take personal interest in this case and make
a precedent out of it, by firmly showing the "remus oprises" of Romania,
that your government intends to maintain democratic and European standars
and will not allow outsiders to confiscate buildings against the will of
the elected leaders of that city. Please make that point crystal clear by
firing Remus Opris and returning the building to the 263 handicapped
Hungarian children.

Respectfully yours,

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